Quality Enablement Webinar: Test Plans That Reduce Risk

Quality Enablement Webinar: Test Plans That Reduce Risk


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Duration 60min
Mark Mydland
Director of QA
Mark Mydland
Mark Mydland is the Director of QA for the Application Insights team, which has just delivered visualization and modeling, unit test, task management, code review, profiler, debugger and Intellitracetm diagnostics into various editions Visual Studio 2012. Prior to joining the Application Insights team, Mark was a Group Manager leading a team to ship Visual Studio Test Professional 2010. Over the past 17 years (10 at Microsoft) Mark has been a developer, consultant and manager in a wide variety of roles and industries. Over the years Mark has been able to combine a passion for quality with a strong belief in the power of agile methods and short release cycles to help numerous teams to ship better software with higher quality. Mark graduated from West Point in 1991 and spent 5 years as an infantry officer before launching his second career as a professional computer geek in 1996.
Eric Bruno
Contributing Editor
Eric Bruno
Eric Bruno is a contributing editor to InformationWeek with more than 20 years of experience in the information technology community. He is a highly requested moderator and speaker for a variety of conferences and other events on topics spanning the technology spectrum from the desktop to the data center. He has written articles, blogs, white papers, and books on software architecture and development topics for more than a decade. He is also an enterprise architect, developer, and industry analyst with expertise in full lifecycle, large-scale software architecture, design, and development for companies all over the globe. His accomplishments span highly distributed system development, multi-tiered web development, real-time development, and transactional software development.

Under the pressure of increased release cadences, increasing software complexity and the move to SAAS many of the techniques QA has traditionally used have proven too costly and inefficient to scale. 

To compensate testers must fully integrate with the development teams and streamline their process.

Join this webinar to discover how you can:

  • Develop test plans that focus the development effort and reduce risk
  • Find regressions with fewer, more reliable tests
  • Reduce mean time to detect regressions using defense in depth
  • Find high-quality bugs using streamlined exploratory testing

To remain competitive organizations must develop extremely efficient Test organizations that focus the development effort on delivering maximum customer value.

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