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Space Ships to Heart Monitors

Find out why leading companies use IBM Rational DOORS for requirements management

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Duration 60min
Jeremy Dick
BSc(Eng) ACGI MA(Oxon) DPhil DIC
Requirements Engineering Specialist
Jeremy Dick
Jeremy works as Principal Analyst for Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd in a consultancy, research and thought leadership capacity. He has extensive experience in implementing practical requirements processes in significant organizations, including tool customization, training and mentoring. At Integrate, he has been developing the concept of Evidence-based Development, an extension of his previous work on “rich traceability”.

Prior to this appointment, he worked for 9 years in Telelogic (now part of IBM Rational) in the UK Professional Services group as both an international ambassador for Telelogic in the field of requirements management, and a high-level consultant for Telelogic customers wishing to implement requirements management processes. During this time, he developed considerable expertise in customizing DOORS using DXL to support advanced engineering processes. His roles in Telelogic included a position in the DOORS product division to assist in the transfer of field knowledge to the product team. Co-author of a book entitled “Requirements Engineering” that has recently reached its 3rd edition, he is recognized internationally for his work on traceability.

IBM Rational DOORS, has a solid history as the leading requirements engineering tool for decades. DOORS continues to be used by organizations across industries for managing their requirements. By providing rich requirements management capabilities, DOORS helps to increase the quality of systems engineering, safety, business or mission critical systems and software development projects by improving requirements communication and collaboration. In this webcast, Dr. Jeremy Dick, Principal Analyst at Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd and a long term DOORS user, walks you through how DOORS enhances product and systems quality by increasing the visibility of business objectives, customer needs, technical specifications and regulations.

This webinar will show how you can:

  • Find out what return on investment you can realize by using DOORS
  • Discover how IBM Rational DOORS can improve your requirements management process in complex systems and IT projects
  • Learn how IBM continues to lead the next generation of requirements management

IBM Rational DOORS is a proven requirements management application for optimizing requirements communication, collaboration and verification throughout the organization and supply chain. It is a scalable solution to help meet business goals by managing project scope and cost. Rational DOORS lets you capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to information while maintaining compliance to regulations and standards.

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