Asset Management For Electronics Industry

Asset Management For Electronics Industry


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Duration 60min
Grant Larsen
Distinguished Engineer, Lab Services
Grant Larsen
Grant works with customers to solve software delivery challenges by defining process & tool integrations with products such as Engineering Lifecycle Management, Rational Asset Manager, Rational Team Concert and other Jazz-based products. Grant has been lead architect for asset management – rolling out asset solutions within IBM and with customers, defined product strategies on CTO team, defined industry standards/specifications (RAS, UML, OSLC) and authored articles and presented in many venues. He can be reached by email at

The continuous drumbeat of being more efficient and effective with fewer resources in our software and system delivery can be overwhelming.

In many cases our investment in software-related assets, such as tests, designs, requirements, and code, can pay us back - if we knew how to leverage what we have.

This webinar will reveal how you can:

  • Organize software assets for quick use
  • Simplify asset capture and validation
  • Use the asset’s community if the asset is right for you
  • Discover impact to my development and delivery planning

Learn how leveraging our software and system delivery items from previous delivery cycles is improved if we can understand the item, the context for which it was intended to be used, and the team involved.

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