Catch the Security Breach Before It’s Out of Reach

Catch the Security Breach Before It’s Out of Reach

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Duration 60min
Art Dahnert
Security Product Manager
Art Dahnert
Art Dahnert is a distinguished software security engineer with over 17 years of security experience within the development process. Before joining Klocwork, Art performed numerous application security assessments while working at Trustwave Spider Labs, Symantec, Overwatch, Schlumberger and BMC.

Software security breaches can happen in many places, including at the source code level.  

Join us for this interactive, practical discussion to:

  • Understand how data breaches occur in web, desktop and mobile applications
  • Uncover techniques to recognize and assess potential problems in source code
  • Identify potential application security problems in your code
  • Use automated tools like static and dynamic analysis for weakness detection

Opportunities for vulnerable code breaches are often created innocently enough, sometimes because we don't know what to look for. Register for this webinar and end your code breaches today.

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