How to Increase Competiveness Using Continuous Engineering

How to Increase Competiveness Using Continuous Engineering


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Duration 60min
Barclay Brown
Global Solution Executive for Systems Engineering
IBM Rational
Barclay Brown
Barclay Brown is the Global Solution Executive for Systems Engineering for IBM Rational. He is a former chief engineer in the Public Sector practice of IBM Global Business Services, where he was the lead systems engineer for some of IBM’s largest development projects. On behalf of IBM, he has led client engagements in aerospace and defense, system development and IT enterprise architecture, helping clients transform their engineering organizations using IBM technologies, methods and tools.

He has been a practitioner, consultant and speaker on systems engineering and software development methods for 25 years. A frequent speaker at IBM and industry conferences, his current specializations include model-based systems engineering, requirements engineering, systems development processes, program improvement and IBM Watson applications and technology. He is the designer of the model-driven system development course, offered by IBM and co-author of the book Model-Driven Systems Engineering with Rational Tools. Mr. Brown holds a BS degree in electrical engineering with graduate degrees in psychology and business and continued graduate work in systems engineering. He is a certified Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP), the Americas Sector Director for INCOSE, and an adjunct professor of systems engineering at the University of Central Florida.

Products are becoming more complex, as features and functions are being delivered increasingly by software. Furthermore, to participate in the Internet of Things (IoT), products will need to be not only intelligent, but instrumented and interconnected. Changes within the ecosystem in which a product operates can have unexpected impact on its evolving design, leading to new challenges for product developers.

Join this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Strategically reuse product data to increase engineering efficiency and speed development
  • Continuously verify your product design to avoid late discovery of integration and performance issues
  • Unlock engineering knowledge distributed throughout your organization to gain better insight and make better design decisions

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