Real Time Analytics: A Case Study Webinar

Real Time Analytics: A Case Study Webinar


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Duration 60min
Kenneth Kwan
Kenneth Kwan
Ken is the CTO of engage:BDR, where he guides the companies use of various technologies for future growth. Ken has leveraged various technologies (including Clustrix) in order to achieve scalability while minimizing costs. Before engage:BDR, he led the technology efforts for three startups and has achieved profitability within a quarter for each of those companies. Ken believes that great customer service paired with stable, reliable, and scalable platforms is the key to achieving positive cash flow in the shortest amount of time. He is also an avid scuba diver who swims with large sharks.
Raj Bains
Product Architect
Clustrix, Inc.
Raj Bains
Raj is the lead Product Architect at Clustrix, focusing on product management and database engineering. Before Clustrix, he led the team and co-architected Financial Contract Definition Language, VM, and compiler at RMS. His background includes high performance computing, languages, and compilers at NVIDIA and Microsoft.

Slow queries. Performance problems. Operational nightmares. Lost sleep… and lost business.

Without the ability to make faster and better business decisions, your company just can’t compete.  

Join this case-study oriented webinar to learn how one company used true real-time analytics and the power of a scale-out database to take their business to the next level.

The webinar will reveal how you can:

  • Dramatically reduce the time to get query results
  • Leverage technology innovations that are powering true real-time analytics
  • Gain exceptional application performance - and scale - while taking advantage of the full power of an SQL interface
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